Monday, October 3, 2011

Trip to Shashemene!!

We took a day and traveled out to Shashemene to visit some of our P61 sponsored kids. It was sooooo good to see our little guys! As soon as we got there we had Winker and Sisay waiting on us. 

The kids are all getting their uniforms passed out to them when we got there. 

 We started passing out sponsor gifts and all the kids were thrilled! They always especially love the picture albums. 
 Many of you may see some of your sponsored kids on here as we gave them their gifts and visited. It was so great seeing all of them again. 

 Stacy had not seen her sponsored girl since our OH trip last year. It was awesome to see them connect again. 

 Denae is Sumer's nannie and is such a huge help to her. She is darling!
 Ashli is busy at work getting everyone checked off the list. 

 Another happy sponsored child!
 Winker is wondering where his friend, Christian (aka, "Girl") is :)
 Getting to grab a bite with them in the feeding hall. 
 Two amazing friends and women of God, Ashli and Sumer...

 Some of the faces at Shashemene.....

Check out that fresh paint behind Deborah and the boys, thanks to our last OH team, led by Jeremy B. Great job!!

 Michelle, this one is for you :)

 Sisay was so sweet, he had a handmade notebook he had made me filled with stickers and scriptures. Love this kid!
 The little roommates!
 This young guy below was so proud of his sponsor that he went and got a picture just to show me. 
Then this little one did the same thing :) I'm telling you....sponsors mean the world to these kids. 

 We had a great time with the kids. We said our goodbyes and stopped at a beautiful place to eat on the way back to Addis. This place is just gorgeous! 
Masti, our driver Getchu and Deborah strolled down to the beach

 Looks like they had a blast!

 This was the perfect end to a great day in Shashemene. Sumer made me aware that there are still 10 children currently attending Shashemene who are going to the school but DO NOT have sponsors. You have seen through these pictures how much sponsors mean to the children. They become like family. If you have been moved by this blog at all and would consider sponsoring one of these 10, then please contact to inquire about sponsoring one of these young ones.  You can forever change their future and it is such a reward in return to simply have them in your life. I could be taking your package over next time :) 
 More of Africa to come......

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