Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandpa's Message For Monday.....

Ross Minkler was my Great Grandfather. He gave his life to do the Lord's work when he was 18 years old. He was a traveling evangelist for many years. He had his own radio show called "Green Pastures". He pastored Larchmont Church of God in Louiville, Ky for 20 years into his 80's just before he passed away at 82 years old. I have found many tapes of his preachings late in his life. These treasures were found in an old suitcase of mine that I recently came across. His messages are priceless and passionate. Here is a small excerpt from a message titled "If I Should Die Before I Live", in 1981 .....Priceless! Something we all need to hear. I will continue to pull words of wisdom from his messages in order to share from time to time. These are true treasures. He is still speaking to his Great Granddaughter 30 years later and this is my way to keep his message alive. So much of what he speaks is what I stand for today. It's so neat to have found these. Enjoy!! 

Click on the link below to listen, or CLICK HERE to go to direct link. 

 Ross Minkler, "Empty Dish" excerpt, Nov 17, 1981, If I Should Die before I Live by KPutty 


  1. Kelly- That is just so neat that you found these tapes! His legend can now live on through you and others can hear his messages and wisdom. We've all got neverending love to give, and give we should!


  2. I knew your Great Grandfather and heard him speak many times at the Highland Park Church of God. I ran sound and recorded the sermons back then. I still have the Minkler Family Gospel Album. He was a great and caring person.