Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spreading love in Ethiopia

 Our second day in ET was great! We went to Hope Enterprises to feed the homeless. I had never been there before and was blown away by this place. This is the ONLY feeding hall for the homeless in Ethiopia. They feed children in the mornings and feed adults and children in the afternoons. In one day they average about 1000 people. The 6 of us went in and served everyone. We helped prepare and then passed out the injera and gave each person two big scoops of a type of sauce filled with beans, veggies, and spices. We were not allowed to take pictures at all :(   In this place you truly serve the poorest of the poor, the blind, the lame, and the beggars. It is extremely sad, but such a joy to be able to connect with them all through serving. All the girls in my team really walked away with a life changing experience.
 We then stopped and passed out some pre-packaged goodie bags for some of the folks on the streets.
 They are always in desperate need, especially the mothers with babies.

 They always light up with joy to discover that we are giving them full outfits for themselves and their children, along with snacks and candy.

 We spotted this little buddy sitting on the side of the road with his mother.
 We stopped and gave them a goodie bag. What a cutie!!
 This is for all of you Ky fans out there!!
 We then had some business to tend to so off to the Hilton business center we went.
 We had one bag mix up out of the bunch and Deborah was soooo relieved to get her bag back that we had to take a picture of it :)
 We grabbed a bite and discussed what tomorrow will bring......Shashemane!!
Can't wait to see some of our sponsored kids and show some of you yours! Stay tuned......

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