Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Day in Korah and More

We started out our day by going to one of the Mission Ethiopia sites where they have hired women from the streets and other places to make jewelry. This gives these women an income to feed their families. It's an awesome thing....and they make beautiful necklaces! We have decided to partner with them and sell these necklaces in our store. Look for them in our next grant contest later this month. 
I want you to meet some of the faces that make them. 

 These women have children and families that they must provide for. There were a few of the babies there with them that we got to meet.

 All of the women were precious. We had each of them tell us their story. They are there from all walks of life. After they shared with us we gave each of them donations of clothes for all of their children and some snacks.

 Here is a little close up of how they make the clay bead necklaces.

 After we left that location we went to their location in Korah where they assemble all the necklaces.
 They work in this house in Korah.
 I ran into a woman that I met last time and gave her a picture of herself, which she got a big kick out of.
 This is one table where they assemble the necklaces, and all the faces who make them.

 Our translator spent many years living in Korah so they are always happy to see him around there. He now helps us serve that community.
 A trash dump community like Korah may not have much but they have beauty and love that pours out of most of the people.

 And the children will absolutely steal your heart....

 Especially when you see where they go home to.

 Deborah got to go see her sponsored child's Mom again and give her some pictures. It is always so humbling to see where these kids live and meet their moms and catch just a glimpse of their life.

 We then walked through Korah to the Leprosy Hospital to go meet up with one of my favorite people.
Casa (Not sure if I spelled that correctly)

 He is an amazing man! He has had leprosy which effected his hands. He has no fingers that look or function properly.  I have seen several of the homeless on the streets that look like him who have given up on life. This man not only hasn't given up, he has more joy than most of us put together and he has his own business making mats.....with his HANDS!!

 He even gave me a lesson. I was a little slow :)

 What an awesome testimony this man is for us all never to give up when things look impossible. I'm so glad we all got to see him again.

 Henok,  helped guide us around this day to show us how everything works with Mission Ethiopia. We were grateful to get to see it all.
You are always humbled beyond words when you go to the dump and see these beautiful people living in the midst of it.
 But as we were getting ready to leave this leprous community, I looked over on the grounds of the hospital, which would be considered the worst place in a leprous community.  I caught a glimpse of these beautiful flowers in the midst of it all. To me they represented the beauty of these people, the beauty of God....He is there with them....Beauty from ashes.
 We then went to eat lunch at a new restaurant which was great!
Our next stop for the day was a community of children at a daycare facility that needed possible sponsorship. These kids were precious!!

 They loved us being there.

 They even performed a musical and a little skit they had made up for us.

 She was so cute. She was acting out Mary giving birth and then out popped the stuffed animal out of her shirt :)
 Then in comes the sheep :) they were darling!
 They performed another little song for us which brought our day to a close. Another amazing, humbling, productive day in ET. More tomorrow :)

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