Friday, October 7, 2011

Meeting New Little Faces in Ethiopia

We spent the day making connections and meeting new little ones with potential sponsorship needs. These children reside at a daycare facility during the day while their mothers work. Have you ever seen such cuties??

The kids were showing us their classroom and singing us songs. So cute!
This little one is going to CHANGE THE WORLD while sporting the OH tee :)
Here we were gathering information on all the children one by one.
I caught these cuties playing pee-pie through the window. So cute!!

What adorable twins!!
As I was taking pics of all the kiddos I felt little eyes staring at me from below. I looked down and found this cutie taking it all in :)
Amy was our videographer for the day. They gave us a coffee ceremony so Amy was pulling double duty.
Sarah made some new friends and got a big squeeze from one little one who didn't want to let go :)
Deborah made some new friends too.
We have all made new little friends on this trip.

We then left and headed out to a new orphanage that we had not been to before. Our guides make our trip so great! They are just awesome and some of my great friends!!! Deborah thinks so too :)
We loved this orphanage. So glad to make this connection. It is so nice!
This little one had just been brought in by the police. He is 6 days old and was found abandoned.

We got to love on all the babies. They were just precious!

We were thrilled to have made some great connections and hope to bring some support.

Our last stop of the day was Restoration orphanage. What a blessing to see how far this orphanage has come thanks to Ashli and her dedicated selfless giving to the children and all of you who have supported and donated. It's awesome and the kids are soooo FAT! Such a great sight compared to what they used to look like.

Amy was giving some love to Baby E. What an amazing sight to see how much he has grown and healed after his surgery. Thank you all so much to those of you who have donated for him to have his head surgery and care. He is one amazing little boy!
We got to pass some gifts out to some of the little ones who are being adopted from their parents. We gave them big hugs and kisses for all of you who have children you are adopting in this orphanage. I was so thrilled to see all of them.
We ended the night at dinner and Ashli joined us.
I had my son's birth mom and sister join us for dinner as well. I feel so blessed to know them and get to see them when I visit Ethiopia. They are precious! I was glad to have them join us for dinner and meet my team. This was an awesome end to another great day in Ethiopia. More to come....

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