Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ordinary Hero Grant Offering Starts this Monday!!!!

Hello everyone!!

Just a shout out to all of you that we will be holding a GRANT CONTEST starting this Monday morning at 12:01am and lasting until next Sunday night at midnight (central time!)

We have some new items in the store for this Grant offering!  It's a Fabulous baseball tee and some of you may have seen Kelly and some of her trip mates modeling it as they were on their way back to Africa! She is there now and will be blogging (hopefully) soon!

We have also added some great OH scrabble jewlery necklaces too. They are great!! They make great gifts and great stocking stuffers!!! :)

Lastly, since we didnt hold a grant contest last month we will be holding 2 GRANT offerings this month. One now and one much later in the month. You are welcome to play in BOTH and yes, past grant winners can play again and can continue to win!!. Keep fundraising folks. For the second GRANT offering we will adding even more items to the store for your friends and family to shop from!

Start compiling your list of people to send emails too, etc and get a game plan on how you are going to WIN!... Just remember for their purchases to count towards the grant contest all sales starting Monday am will count.

1st place in sales gets $500 in addition to 40% of everything you sell!
2nd place will win $300 in addition to your 40%...
3rd place will win $200 in addition to your 40%...

So that is $1000 that will be given away with this FIRST grant offering this month! Woo hoo! :)

If you know someone who is fundraising for their adoption or mission trip would you PLEASE tell them about the affiliate program with OH and tell them to sign up today so they can play!

If you are an OH affiliate and did NOT get an email from me this am, then I do NOT have your email address. Please send it to me asap so you will have communications from me about the contest! Email me your info to

Best of luck to all of you!!!

Gina Payne


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