Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mennonite Couple Shares About Ethiopian Adoption

I want you all to meet Kevin and Krissy from Ohio. They are an amazing Mennonite couple whom I met while here in Ethiopia. They are adopting their first child and share about what led them to adopt in this video. Be inspired and have your eyes opened about adoption in the Mennonite Church by taking a moment to watch this video. Thank you, Kevin and Krissy, for sharing your story with Ordinary Hero and inspiring many!
Click Here to go to the direct link or silence the music on the right sidebar and watch below.


  1. My parents attend a Mennonite church in PA and there is probably around ten internationally adopted kiddoes. It's really awesome!!!

  2. Kelly,
    Really, how did you not just ball your head off, like I would have (and just did.) That takes some talent! It is wonderful to hear how a movement within a church or family or group of friends can spread--it just takes the first one to light the fire. Beautiful baby girl!

  3. that is sooo sweet. I know of a mennonite couple where i'm from (in Grenada) who have 4 adopted kids