Saturday, October 8, 2011

Headed South in Ethiopia

 We ended up at one of our favorite villages, south, in Ethiopia. These kids steal our hearts every year. We are looking into sponsorship needs in this area. It is a very poor area in the country. You see children taking care of children and Mothers struggling to survive. The first thing we did was pass out pictures of some of these kiddos that we took during our last visit. They loved getting a picture of themselves. I'm not sure if they have ever had a picture of themselves.
 The children in this predominantly Muslim community are just precious!!

 We continued to pass out pictures to the kids that we had taken with one of our July teams. Just these little pictures make them feel special in a big way.

 If only these eyes could talk. ...

 The mothers were so thankful to have the pictures of their little ones.

 We made a few home visits.

 Again, she loved her picture.

 We passed out a few donations along the wy.

 We spotted some of the rainboots that we had passed out in July.

 We had the privilege of going to the local school to see how it is run. These books look like they had not been touched.

 There are almost 1500 children in this small, mostly outdoor school.

 On our way back to town we stopped along the way to pass out much needed donations. I love seeing our guides getting into giving so much. They are just awesome!
 This young girl was sooo pleased to get a little doll.

 We went to dinner that night with Eden, one of my favorite girls.
 We will not forget this village. We are in the process of looking into sponsorships opportunities.

What an awesome day meeting all these beautiful faces.