Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Last Day in Ethiopia

 We had several things to do before we flew out on our last day in Ethiopia. First, we needed to bless someone. Stacy's friend had sent some things with her and asked her to give it to someone in need. So this is where we ended up. We found this family in the middle of town, living in a homemade tent made out of what looked like trash and rags. It is a husband, wife and their children. They invited us in where we talked and shared the love of God with them. Then Stacy presented them with what her friend had sent and they were so grateful.
 Our guide told us that they have lived in this same location for over 5 years with their family.
 I found this little guy sitting alone outside of the tent. I'm guessing he was their son.
 He looked very sad. I tried everything in all my goofiness to get him to smile but he wouldn't.
 I wonder why I can't get him to smile but then turn around and see his reality and quickly understand.
 And there he sits.....lost in it. But thanks to an awesome friend, they now have the means to better their life after that visit.
 We then had some friends to go see down by the market. These street children have become some familiar faces to many of us.

 Our team 2 in July gave these kids clothes, shoes, basic essentials, and then took them to the zoo for a day of fun.  It was so great getting to see them be kids and have fun back in the summer. It is very humbling running into them again, and they are wearing the same clothes we gave them in July, and they are back to selling things on the streets in order to survive.
 When we asked them about going to school most of them said that they already have sponsors and could go to school if they wanted to. Many are forced to choose this life because their families won't survive if they don't. It is a sad reality that we are looking to make a difference in. We must make sure that these kids.........
 don't turn into this.
 We headed back over to the Korah area to pass out a few more sponsor gifts. These kids are so cute and excited to get their gifts.

 We ran into familiar faces that are being sponsored by others. They always ask us if we know who their sponsor is. They are so proud to have a sponsor.

 Amy made a home visit to pass out this sponsor gift.
 It is always very humbling to see the actual homes that these kids have lived in their whole lives. They are made out of mud, sticks, and tin.
 And yet they still try to make it a home the best they can.

 She was very glad to have this surprise visit and receive a gift for her child from her sponsor.

 And then look who else was surprised to see us. She was so cute!

 We went to the section of Korah where Mission Ethiopia ladies were putting together our new necklaces. After I bought some of their other beads I asked them if they could make a certain design that I thought of. We went by there and they had made beautiful necklaces exactly the way I had envisioned. It was awesome to see! Be looking for these new awesome necklaces to come out in our online store very soon.

 Now you can catch a glimpse of them being made and appreciate them all the more :)  Remember that these are ladies that used to work in the trash dump and have now had their whole lives turn around because of these necklaces.

 Before we left we passed out one more sponsor gift. This young girl also got some new shoes.

 Amy brought her little friend that was so excited to see her back to the van to get a new outfit.

 When Amy and Bev got through this little one had a new outfit and a new doll to take back home.
 Our last stop we made was to Restoration Orphanage to say goodbye to the little ones there. They are so precious!

 It is so great to see the love that Ashli pours out on these kids. It has made so much difference in their lives. She is one amazing gal! They all love her so much!

 As we packed up to head to the airport that night we really were in awe of all that we accomplished on this trip. We have a direction we are heading in for our sponsorship program and we made some great connections to get that started. We have big dreams for these kids and their futures. We are trusting that God continues to guide us to press forward down the right roads to make THEIR dreams come true. Many lives were touched, changed, blessed, transformed, and renewed on this trip.......but none more than the 6 of us. We can't wait to watch our plans come to fruition and give you all the opportunity to walk alongside us to make that happen. If you have sponsorship questions, please email Deborah@OrdinaryHero.org. We hope to kick this program off the ground soon. We are many steps closer because of this trip :)
From all 6 of us, we thank you for following us on this journey to Ethiopia. Great things to come!!


  1. It looks like you have had an amazing trip! In a little less than a month I will be presenting to our church for our new Orphan Care Ministry, and teaming with Ordinary Hero/Restoration House!! I'm so excited. Look for a couple of emails from me, when you get home. :) Have a wonderful, safe trip home ladies!
    Marilee Marks

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the picture of my guy! Love seeing Deborah hugging him!!!! What joy! :)

  3. Just wanted you to know (we are adopting from Congo) I showed this to my little 5 year old about the family in the tent and she has prayed for them every night for the last 4 nights unprompted! Thanks for living out the gospel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEP4Fu92jr0