Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Day 3, Team 4~ 2nd Day in Korah and Orphanage

 Started another great day in Ethiopia, headed over to Korah! 
We have some amazing teens on this trip! I love watching them take in everything that surrounds them. You can just look at their faces and tell that their eyes are being opened to so much more of life than anything they have ever known. 

Our days get long! Ryan and Bink were so proud that they were the only ones still awake. 
Quick stop to pull in the bags. It is raining season and rains! :-) 

We headed over and took a tour of the Leprosy hospital. This place is amazing. There are many women and men who make things to sell rather than having to beg. 
 There were a couple of our team that went on a home visit to a man's home that is eaten away with leprosy and only his 10 yr old granddaughter takes care of him. 

This is up in a top room where some of the ladies sew.  

We then headed over into Korah to play wit the kids and feed them lunch.  
We provided 6 sheep for the kid's lunch. 

 Looks kinda gross to Americans, but the kids 
get so excited to have sheep for lunch. It is a delicacy in Ethiopia!

 Steve, our new friend from the guest house, joined us in Korah today. 
He is adopting a beautiful little baby girl. 

The girls sporting the OH gear in Korah! 

The teens definitely bonded with some of the kiddos! 

We had an awesome day in Korah and hated to say goodbye to these beautiful children. 

Our friend Eden and her baby joined us for the day to hang out! I love this beautiful girl! 

After lunch we headed over to the government orphanage. We aren't allowed to take pics so I only have this one of the kids waiting to go up to see the babies. 
Half of us went to the younger orphanage and half went to the older orphanage. 
In the younger orphanage we walked in and there were 80 children around the age of 4 sitting at tables eating. When they finished we gave them all coloring book pages, crayons, and each of them a toy and candy. They were the cutest kids and seemed so happy that we came to visit them. 

We then walked upstairs into the baby room. I have never seen so many teeny, tiny babies in one place.  One child had just been born and brought in that same day. The babies were crying and immediately calmed down when each of us walked in and picked them up. They just needed to be held and loved on. There are not enough nannies to hold all of the babies. 
These kids didn't want to put them down. As we were leaving, Mollie had taken one in the other room and she was leaned back with the baby going to sleep on her. This little man looked so peaceful...and so did Mollie. So sweet!! 

I had to take this pic of Ashley with her pack. She helps us so much while in Ethiopia! She now has many children she is helping that go everywhere with her. She has a heart of gold! 
Btw, Ashley and I went over to photograph some new waiting children ages 5 and up, some are sibling groups of two. I will be emailing these to our waiting children coordinator soon for her to put on our site. They are simply precious and I can't wait to find them homes!!! If you are interested in seeing them please email 

Every year my hubby celebrates his birthday in Ethiopia. 
We all went to the Ethiopian cultural restaurant to celebrate. 
Bissy and Getcho worked it out to bring in a cake for the celebration. 

This year we also have Alex celebrating his 16th birthday with us in Ethiopia. 
He got his own cake as well and got to celebrate with all his friends there with him. 
It was a fun night!

We were also celebrating Bissy's Visa approval that took place earlier that morning! 
Wow, what a day!! 

Grant, Bink and little Maluken stole the show showing off some dance moves.

Cam jumped up for a quick dance as well. 

Back at the guest house these 4 roomies posed for one last pic. They are getting some great momma bonding time in. They all have kids on the team with them. 

Another great day! 
Tomorrow we are headed up to a beautiful waterfall and to pass out some blessing bags. 

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