Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ordinary Hero July Grant Giveaway Winners!!!!

Ya hoo!!! That was a doozie of a Grant Give-a-way, huh folks??? This month we lengthened the Grant Giveaway to 20 days while OH had our last 2 teams serving in Ethiopia! Thanks to everyone who fundraised and thank all of your friends who bought more sheep, shoes, bibles and blankets to bless those in Ethiopia for them to hand out to our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia! You all have a lot of Extra- Ordinary Hero's to thank!

Well, in that SuperLong selling time, Kelly P decided to STEP UP the Grant Giveaway and Beef up the winnings for our #1 seller! This month we are awarding the top OH Affilaite with $1,000 in OH Grant Money! Ya hoo! Second Place gets a $500 Grant and whomever sold the most donations would be awarded either a $100 Gift Certificate to the OH Store or a $100 OH Grant!!!

So, without further delay, Let's announce our Ginormous July Winner!!!!

Congratulations to:

Elize and Dustin Kipe from  Pottstown, PA! They have 2 kiddos now and are working on adopting baby Elijah from Ethiopia!

Y'all just WON a $1000 Grant from Ordinary Hero!

Yowza! You not only won the $1,000 Grant for July, but you also blew away all past sales! You are now our #1 all time seller of OH goodies and our #1 Grant Winner! EVER! Wow! Is all I can say!!! They had (get this),  65 orders placed on their behalf! They sold $5400 in product sales and earned of course 40% commission, $2,183, which brings there 20 day fundraising total (with the 1K Grant earnings) to $ 3,183!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my!!!

They sold 20 sheep, had someone sponsor a child to go to school in Haiti, sold over a case of bibles, plus, backpacks, shoes, donation combos, etc.. This family sold $3,191 in DONATION items for the kids in Ethiopia! Wow is all I can say! I am speechless...really! 

So, Kipe family you ALSO won the $100 Grant or $100 Gift Certificate to the OH Store for selling the MOST donations this contest! Congratulations!   

I just learned MORE about their adoption story this morning, and would love to share it with you on another post, so be on the lookout for that! It's pretty awesome!

Our second place winner of the $500 OH Grant is :

Mary and Jim Sokolowski from Nashville, TN!
They are adopting a little boy from Ghana, West Africa and heard about OH from their adoption agency Miriam's Promise! This is the first fundraisier they have done! So how did they do? Again, they blew out all past performances too, and sold a whopping $3,900 in product!Of course, they earned 40% commission and earned $1,560 PLUS the $500 Grant which brings their 20 day fundraising total to $2,060! Congrats Sokolowski family!!!

Ok, so I hate awarding Honorable Mentions... Because it means you were sooo close! And oh how I wish EVERYONE could win!

Brad and Debbie Foreman from Las Cruces, New Mexico, Oh My, you sold the HECK out of some donations and some shirts! Brad and Debbie saw their son on the OH Waiting Child List and are trying to bring him home! Debbie says: The Lord has moved mountains & expedited everything so we can get him home asap:)

They didn't win the Grant this month from OH, BUT they did rasie $991 in OH commissions! AND they have shared with us that they are going to be blessed with a Matching Grant from Brittany's Hope! So God just blessed them anyway, bringing their 20 day fundraising total to $1982 (between OH and BH)!
OH would also like to bless this family with a $100 Gift Certificate to the OH STORE!

So, this month alone, Ordinary Hero is paying out $7,253 in Commissions and Grants to the 16 affilaites who fundraisied with us this month! That is so FUN for us and why we love giving away cash to bless your adoptions and your mission trips! If you would like to fundraise with us, please sign up HERE.

If you have fundraised with us in the past, we would like to ask you to share with your fellow adoptive friends about how OH Fundraising would LOVE to bless them!

** Attention: OH Affiliates!!! We will be holding an "OH STORE Giveaway" SOON for you to help us find more OH Affiliates that we can bless! Be on the lookout so you can win some awesome merchandise from the OH STORE!!!!

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