Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 3, Day 6 ~ Mount Entoto

Day 6 we took off to Mount Entoto. It is beautiful up there. 
The kids are always quick to gather around. 

 The young boys crack these homemade whips everywhere. Kenya decided to give it a try. 

 Several of the boys and Sarah struck up a soccer game with the kids. 
 Sarah decided to give the whip a try as well. 

 Ryan actually got the whip to crack. 

 So uuhhh, yes, random cow head walking by :-) 
 The kids in this area are precious but very poor and in need of sponsors. The Beza Church has a program to find these children sponsors and get them in school that we may start helping with. 

 Bissy saw a woman that he helped when Team 2 was here. She recognized him and came up to greet him. The last team really blessed this woman by giving her enough birr to help with her rent and get back on her feet. She said it really helped her and was so thankful. 

 Ryan, our videographer joined the team that morning. He is capturing a bit of Team 3 as well as Team 4 that will be coming in. 
There were several in our group that helped with some community projects on the mountain. 
Kortnie and Christian helped till a garden. 

 Bissy got these women's stories on video. 

All of the kids really bonded with our team. 

On our way back down the mountain we ran into the same women that we had seen earlier. They were carrying their loads so we stopped to help them. 
 We lifted those loads off of the women and offered to give them a ride down the hill. They were so grateful. 

 It's amazing how heavy these loads are and then to think that these women carry that every day, sometimes bare foot. 
 Three grown men to carry what one woman carries on her back. 

 These women are precious! 

 They appreciated that  gesture so much that they gave Bissy a big hug in he end. 
 Now this is the face of a happy woman. One less load she has to make. 

 We then drove over to where the women are making the beads. The church hires these women who used to carry wood and has given them a skill to make the beads. This is an awesome way to give these women a job and hope. 

 Their jewelry is just beautiful! We will be carrying some in the OH store soon!
 We ended the day by going to the market and seeing some of our old friends and grabbing a couple of extra things for gifts. 
This was an awesome day!! 
Next blog post is a day at the Leprosy Hospital in Korah, then back to Hope 4 the Hopeless to take them to the zoo! 

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