Friday, July 20, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 4, Day 4 ~ Off to the mountainside

Day 4 we headed off to the mountain/countryside. 
It is so beautiful to get outside the city and see all the beautiful land of Ethiopia! 

We ended up at this beautiful waterfall in the midst of rolling hills and green grass! 

The kids had fun exploring!

We met this sweet little girl standing over to the side by herself just watching all of us. 

One by one children slowly started coming out of the woodwork.

We passed out adult and kids ponchos. It was raining outside so they really came in handy!
 Many thanks to those of you who have purchased these through the OH Store as a donation! 

This beautiful little girl was wearing a jacket with holes all in it. We got her some new clothes.

This waterfall is where my daughter, Lauren, was baptized. We all posed in front of it to show her we were there and missed her!

As we headed down the mountainside we passed out rain ponchos to everyone we saw. It continued to rain as we did it so it was a perfect time to pass them out. 

We ran into some of our friends that we know who carry the sticks on their backs. They are precious women! 

We passed out blessing bags and rain ponchos all the way down the hill! The kids and adults were so thrilled! 

We went to eat at Lucy Restaurant. This is the restaurant we ate at when we adopted our son from Ethiopia. Cameron and Morgan were the two with us in 2008 and now they are back again. We all posed for a pic together just like we did in 2008 in the same spot. Man have they grown since then!! 

The team enjoyed a nice lunch at this awesome restaurant!

We then headed over to the bead ladies who have been pulled from the mountain to make this awesome jewelry rather than having to beg or haul wood. The stuff is awesome so be looking for some new items to hit the OH store soon! 

This was another awesome day! 
Bissyland is coming up next with an amazing story from our day! 

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