Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, TEAM 3, DAY 1 ~ Going to the Orphanage

So we all arrived safely to Ethiopia. 
We arrived at 8am which is really 12am at home. We must hit the ground running and the only thing my team is running on is jet lag, Ha! 
It's quite the experience on that first day adjusting to the schedule. 
Crystal is positive she won't get jet lag, ha! We caught her literally falling asleep at the table!

My girl has been in Ethiopia for about a month so it was so good to see her again. Looking forward to her help with this team!

 Some of the first little people we saw waiting for us when we arrived were our 
sponsored kids and best buddies! 
We just love these kids! 

We always love hanging out with some of the kids in the neighborhood of the guest house!

 We got all our mountains of donations sorted and then we all loaded up in the van and headed over to one of the orphanages in Addis. 

This place is awesome! The kids were singing to us and seemed full of joy!

The girls were sooo sweet! We gave all the kids blessing bags, which they loved. 

We all have no idea what it takes to run an orphanage but these ladies 
were helping with preparing the meal. 

This was a great, easy first day with a bunch of jet lagged Americans. The kids brought us new energy and then we all came back to the guest house and crashed. 

Day 2 at Korah coming next! (And yes, we saw a bunch of your sponsored kids ;-)

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  1. thank you for visiting this orphanage :) My son is from there & I love all those kids dearly. Miss them more then words. Was so excited to get a little glimpse again!