Thursday, July 5, 2012

                !!!!OH July Grant Contest!!!!

                                  Dates: July 5- 25th

    Prizes: This is a DIFFERENT Grant contest this month!!!
            First place winner will WIN a $1000 Grant!!!

                  Second place winner WINS a $500 Grant!

 AND the top seller of the "Donation Items" in the OH STORE
 will earn a $100 Gift Certificate or a $100 Grant!
(PLUS of course, everyone makes 40% commissions on everything that you sell!)

Sign up HERE to be an OH affiliate if you are fundraising for an adoption or for a misson trip!

OH has 2 more teams about to be on the ground in Ethiopia this month! OH needs more sheep, shoes, blankets, bibles, and raincoats, etc to hand out to the people in Ethiopia.
To buy something that the rest of the OH Teams can hand out go HERE and check out a donateable item! 

Did you know you could buy a sheep and feed 40 kids in Ethiopia?

Stay tuned for more travel blog posts from Ethiopia from the OH Teams who are there serving! Kelly and the OH team left today!
Let's pray for them and get them some more donations for them to hand out!

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  1. Hi is the grant available for the Philippines? excited :)