Monday, July 30, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 4, Day 8 ~ Give a Donkey!!

 The last half of the day we spent with one goal in mind...
I want to give a big thank you to the gals with the Beza church Outreach who helped organize our big donkey give away! They kept it organized and smooth running. 
 We sent our driver that morning to purchase and deliver 12 donkey. That is a task in itself! 
When we arrived after our day at the orphanage the donkey had been delivered and were ready to be passed out. 

 Of course the kids on our team had a little fun with the donkey beforehand. Not quite every kid's dream of a pony....but close! 

 First we went in and met the women that we were to be giving the donkey to. These are all women of Entoto Mountain who work hard every day carrying huge, heavy loads. These donkey will help lighten their load and lift their burdens. 

 We went around and met each and every one of them and introduced ourselves. 
 We explained why we were there to bless them with the donkey and then prayed for them. 
 We then had them step outside where many from our team were waiting to wash their feet and give them new flip flops as an extra little blessing and pampering. It is a sign of humble appreciation and honor as well. We want them to know they are loved and that we have noticed all their hard work and effort. 

 One of the coolest things was to see that our teens were some of the first to volunteer to wash the ladies feet. These kids are looking for every opportunity, learning to serve, and loving every minute of it. 

 A couple of the faces of the women we served. If those eyes could talk we would all be saddened over what she has seen and had to endure just to survive. 

As a final touch several of the girls on our team painted the ladies toenails to help make them feel special and beautiful. 

 In the end their smiles said it all!!
 When they were finished with their pampering they all lined up and took their donkey with them as they left. 

 It was so neat to watch all these women be blessed with so many donkey. 

 We have 13 more donkey being delivered to more of the women soon after
 we have to head back to the States. 
THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased a "Give A Donkey" or "Give 1/2 a Donkey" from the OH Store!! 
You see they are going to great use and are such a blessing to these amazing women! 

Between the H4H Orphanage in the morning and our GIVE A DONKEY day in the afternoon, 
We had one awesome Day 8 with Team 4 in Ethiopia!
Our last day on the ground with Team 4... next blog post! 

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