Friday, July 6, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, TEAM 2, Day 7 & 8~ Soccer in ET!

Days 7 and 8

Day seven was amazing as we had the opportunity to go to Hope for the Hopeless' orphanage.  The drive was well over an hour.  We had the privilege to have some of the street kids join us in our vans and some sheep (that look like goats to us) join us on the roof...we had to get lunch for the 80 people out in the orphanage :-)

We spent the day learning about this orphanage in the Northeast (if I remember correctly) corner of Ethiopia.  After our individual tours by the kids, we started breaking up and heading in all different directions.  Ping Pong, basketball, football, doing hair, and of course, soccer.

After about a 1/2 hour of being there, we started a full out soccer game.  It was USA vs. Ethiopia.  We kept it close enough that when they decided to start playing (1 minute left), we were able to stop them from scoring and beating us 5-4.  Therefore, it went to a shootout.  Michelle and Lauren scored their shots, but the other 4 (It went to six shots on) missed.

We gathered together about 10,000 Birr (about $565) that we presented to the orphanage director.  This will enable them to purchase the materials for building walls at their church.  The group had us get in the middle of a large circle and they reached their hands out and prayed a blessing onto our team...very humbling.

So much more to write and tell you, but I will show you pictures now and add the story later.Internet up and down so much right now.  Blessings, Phil

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