Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 4, Day 1 ~ Visiting some kiddos!

 Team 4 arrived to Ethiopia! 
That first day is always tough battling the jet lag. They arrive at what would be around 12 midnight at home and it is 8 in the morning in Ethiopia. It always takes a day or two to get used to the time change but they all did great on their first day! 
 After picking them up at the airport we all went back to the guest house to unpack and organize all the donations while Bizzy and Getcho and I made our plans for the week. 
 Organization is not one of my gifts but we have some very gifted people on our team in that area. Ali had it all planned out when they arrived and got all the mountains of donations and blessing bags organized in a flash. 

 Bizzy always changes out everyones money on the first day. I caught this funny pic of him counting out the money. We had so many donations that this was literally the only place he could find to sit :-) 

I am so thrilled to have 3 of my babies on this trip with me. (Well they aren't really babies anymore)  It helps the month of July away from the fam go a little smoother when some of them are with me. 

We headed out for the day to go visit some kiddos living in an orphanage/transition home. 
When we arrived the boys in our group headed over to the muddy field with all of the older boys living in the orphanage. They all struck up a soccer game which is a great cure for jet lag. 

Little Winker, our buddy, turned out to be a great soccer player with the other boys. 

Christian seemed to be enjoying himself :-)

Alex and Josh with Sisay

Grant is 19 and he played highschool soccer so he really enjoyed this game with the boys. 

Everywhere we go on these teams the young boys just love playing with all the teen and college boys on our team. 

Cris made friends quickly with this precious girl, who was so sweet showing her her notebook that she works on. 

While the boys were out playing soccer, guess where you could find most of the girls? 
The baby room!

Ali loving on one of her favorite little dudes!

McKaila, looking cute in her OH gear, found a new little friend!

Mollie and her teeny, tiny friend!

Morgan immediately spotted this young boy wearing a UT shirt!

I had some of our guys pause their soccer game for a quick pic.

Watch out for the donkey while playing soccer....no big deal :-)

Jordan bonded with this little one. 

One big happy fam in Ethiopia with two of our sponsored kiddos. 

All these children were so precious! They greeted us with the biggest kisses and hugs when we walked in. 

 Morgan got this little one to sleep. So sweet!

 They love braiding Ashli's hair. 

This one was so excited about showing Bissy her new family. 

I just loved seeing these kids! They are precious, beautiful souls, who are having a chance at life because someone stepped up and said YES, WE HAVE ROOM! COME!
Love is a beautiful gift! 

This was a great start to a long week in Ethiopia! 
Day 2 in Korah, coming up next! 

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