Thursday, July 19, 2012

Surpirse!! Bissy is coming to America!!

Yay!!! Bissy was granted his Visa!! 
For those of you who have traveled on one of our 7 teams over the past three summers then you know that Bissy in Ethiopia is our main man on the ground! 
He has served us like no other and I would never lead a team without him! 

His dream has been to visit America. He has tried in the past to obtain a visa and been denied. So I said let's try it again! It's in God's timing. We did and HE GOT IT! 
I have never seen anyone so excited and surprised in my whole life! 
I said "Where do you want to visit?" 
His response, "I don't know, I never thought I would ever actually get to go. I have just grown up a poor country boy." 

Well get ready, Bissy, cause you are COMING TO AMERICA!


Getcho our awesome driver is coming too!!!

He and Bissy are our driver/guide combo. They are such servants. 
It's so cool that they both are granted their visas at the same time! 
God is so Good!!! 

Be sure to watch this video below of when we came back and told the team! 

If you know Bissy and want to inquire about hosting him, please email 
Ali at
If you would like to contribute toward his travel and/or recreation expenses while he is in the US please visit our DONATE page and type in the 
name "Bissy" in the 'send us a message' box. 
We can't wait to show him an awesome time in America on his first visit! 
If you want to contribute toward Getcho, put "Getcho" in the message box. 
Getcho has a daughter in the US he will be staying with for the most part. 

Thanks, Ryan, our awesome videographer, for this fun video of us telling the team the good news! 


  1. Ahhhh!! This brought me to tears. We LOVE Bissy...just like so many others. Already emailed Ali and SO hoping to host him at some point while he is here.

  2. Kelly Pyle campbellJuly 19, 2012 at 12:32 PM

    That totally brought tears of joy to my eyes! God Bless you both

  3. This is SO exciting. We have already sent an email and would LOVE to host them. We live near San Jose, between Monterey and San Jose.

  4. Would LOVE to host Bisrat in Montana .. sent FB message to Ali.