Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, Team 4, Day 6 ~ Beza Outreach and Hope 4 The Hopeless

 The team had a great day at the Beza Outreach! 
These are all children of the women that we help from the mountain.
Beza Church has an outreach program that allows the women to have a place to bring their children so that they can work. These kids are precious and their mothers work harder than any other women I have seen for pennies a day. Be looking for sponsorship opportunities coming soon for these children as we partner with this outreach to find these sweet children sponsors to ensure that they are able to go to school. 
 Thank you to all who have been sending OH Blessing bags throughout the year. Every one of these kids were blessed with a blessing bag. They were very excited!

 Here the kids really enjoyed the parachute type activity. Looks like Bissy did as well :-)

 These children are simply precious! I can't wait to find them sponsors! 

 This little one is quite the poser....a little ham in front of the camera! So cute!

 The children really enjoyed painting tshirts with our team.

 They also enjoyed story time!

 More blessing bags!

 Snack time!

 It was a great morning at Beza Outreach! 
After lunch we went over to visit Hope 4 The Hopeless. 
 This is the street kid ministry where we took little Todela yesterday, and also Brahanu from Team 3. 
We couldn't wait to see how they were doing. 
 Above I met up with little Brahanu while Ashley checked up on Todela. 
Both boys were doing so great! 

 Many on our team bonded with the children here. The kids are absolutely precious and have the sweetest spirits, especially when you hear their stories of where they have come from. They all have found the Lord and left their street lives behind and are thriving forward because of this ministry. 

 I loved visiting with Meron. I met her on the last team and she and I share similar stories. She is an amazing girl!! She loved meeting Morgan and knowing that she is Lauren's sister. She loved Lauren as well. 

 All of our teens found little friends to bond and play with. 
 Hillcrest Baptist Children's Church donated money to help someone in Ethiopia. Several gals from the church decided that they would rally around Todela and let the money go toward his needs since he is new to the shelter and has no support. What a worthy and wonderful cause! Thank you, Hillcrest, Hopkinsville, Ky!

 Meron loved her new blanket from Ashley!

 It was an all around great day with all the kids from Beza Outreach and Hope 4 The Hopeless! 
Thanks, Team 4, for giving your all and blessing the kids today!! 

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