Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ethiopia 2012, TEAM 2, Day 5 & 6

Day 5 written by team leader, Phil Chapman

We went to church this morning and enjoyed an English service that was praising Jesus!  The message was about God’s agenda.  We are on God’s timing and not our own.  We just need to humbly serve Him through simple obedience.  That obedience comes through our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and understanding what He did for each of us.  No matter where we are from, what we possess, who we know, we all need to submit everything to the Way, Truth, and Life (John 14:6).  I know that Jeremy said that he was majorly affected when he walked in the service and realized that we were serving the exact same God that we serve on American soil.  It really doesn’t matter whom you are worshiping with, where you are located, or who is listening to you, the only thing that matters is that ultimate connection with the Holy Spirit.

After a couple hour service, we went back to the Guest House for lunch.  We were excited about going shopping in the afternoon.
Abby showed the locals a trick or two she learned in Houston!

Each person got their list together and did the best they could to negotiate prices…one of my favorite things to do :-).  I won’t show any pictures of the things that people purchased so that you can be surprised, and because many of the items are for gifts.
 Some of the team members had some fun with this old Ethiopian pay phone.

Nels rented this bike from a kid who was riding it.  As soon as this American got on a BMX bike, an entire crowd came around him.  It was estimated that 50 people gathered around.  Nels showed them how we do it in Newark, IL.  It was worth every penny.  He did receive some great cheers!

We had a nice dinner and enjoyed reviewing the day.  It is so hard for us to be away from our loved ones, especially with many families experiencing some damage with the recent storms.  Please know that each day we are praying for you and we want to hug you right this minute!  You are so loved!  I only hope that our time here in Ethiopia is spent honoring the King in the way that He desires so that our time away from you will be extremely profitable!

Day 6

We had a great morning of devotions this AM, discussing how everything is on God’s timing, very much like our church service on Sunday.  We looked into Genesis at the story of Sarah becoming pregnant at a very old age and that God desired to make that happen when it happened even though it SHOULDN’T have happened when it did (was that confusing???).  For example, I have an acquaintance that has been adopting older boys from Ethiopia since she has “retired” from her job…she was called by God to do this, but He didn’t call her to do it until she was “older” in her years.  God’s timing is perfect.  God’s timing was perfect for Shari and I to adopt our children when we did.  I know that little Reggie probably would have died because of the situation that he was in when he was put into the orphanage.  Take a look at this picture of what he looked like his first day at the orphanage and then a few months after he received some major medication and as much food as he wanted.

I wonder what God is calling you to do?  I know that these ordinary people on this trip know that God called us here at this time in our lives.  Maybe it is to give some of us a broader perspective, maybe it is so that we can understand what it means to serve our neighbors, or maybe it is to help someone decide to become a parent again.  I don’t know what the ripple effects will be, but I do know that each of us on this trip are being challenged, changed, and I hope, closer with Jesus. 

I will let the pictures tell today’s story.  Our journey has been amazing and I am thankful that you have chosen to join in it.  Even though you aren’t here right now, your prayers, financial support before we went, and constant encouragement mean the world to us. 

Living each day on God’s agenda, Phil (for the Ordinary Hero team)

 We went back to visit our friends at Hope for the Hopeless. Emma and all of the team made some life long friends. 

 This girl has one of the most amazing stories that I have ever heard. She has overcome obstacles that many of us couldn't imagine. She is now restored, full of God's love and one of the most joyous 16 year old's that any of us have ever met!

 We got to cook a lamb.....start to finish!

 Nels and Matt loved helping with the cooking of the two lambs.

 It was so awesome to see the leaders of this organization help in this special meal's preparation

 I braved it...probably only because my friend (sitting next to me) wanted me too.

 Brett really enjoyed the lamb.  2 of his 3 chunks were excellent he said.

 OK...TOP SECRET...After Lauren so graciously accepted this kind gesture, she spit it out when no one was looking.  She said that it was just too chewy, or something like that.

 Matt eating some lamb (after it was cooked).  Many Ethiopians enjoy raw meat though.

 This was all of the lamb after it was fully cooked.  I actually enjoyed it...kind of.

 You can't ever go wrong with some good ole bread.

But honestly, this is what the team prefers. Kaldi's is the "Starbucks" in Ethiopia.

 They have awesome ice cream too!

Zach Anderson donated money to this trip and wanted to give it to someone that was in need.  Renee (mom) knew that it was the right time when we spent some time with Hope for the Hopeless...totally awesome organization.  Thank you Zach for making a difference for eternity.  This organization is teaching the young boys and girls about Jesus Christ on a daily basis.

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  1. Do you guys go to Beza?! That's my favorite church! Keep up the great work guys. Following along and praying for you...