Monday, July 16, 2012

Ethiopia 2012 ~ Meet Team 4!!

Meet Ethiopia 2012, Team 4!!!
I am thrilled to introduce you to our final Ethiopia team this summer! 
28 people ready to hit the ground running and serve like champions, or simply  

First we have Allie, who you might recognize from Team 3. She stayed over for Team 4 to welcome her sister, Jordan to the team! 
They are both from Ky. 

 Next we have Amy and her daughter, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was on one of our 2011 OH Ethiopia teams and Amy joined us on our OH team in October. 
We are glad to welcome them back on Team 4, 2012! 
They are both from KY.

One of my highschool bff's is Ladonna, and also her daughter, Brooke, joining us from Ky. 
This is their first OH mission trip! 

 Bev and her husband, Kelly, are joining the team from Utah. Bev joined us on our October OH Ethiopia team and decided to return with her hubby and her two teen sons this year. 
Alex and Josh, below, are Bev and Kelly's sons. 
We are so glad to have their fam on the team with us this year. 

We have Grant, a college student in TN, joining us this year for his first OH mission trip! 
We are thrilled to have Grant on the team!

Cameron, is my 15 yr old son. He has not been to Ethiopia in four years since our adoption in 2008. 
I'm thrilled to have him with our team this summer. I love having my fam with me! 

Holly and her daughter, Callie, are joining us from Ky on their very first mission trip to Ethiopia! 
We are thrilled to have this mother/daughter team!

Mollie is a 16 yr old joining the team from Missouri. We love that she just jumped on board our team without knowing anyone else. She is such a doll! 

Collin is my 16 yr old son. He was with us on Team 3 and is carrying over to Team 4. So awesome to have my oldest son with me on this adventure. 

Morgan is my 18 yr old daughter who just graduated highschool. I love having her on this team! 
It is such a great experience for kids just going into college. She is so great with the kiddos!

She was greeted first thing by her sister's sponsor, Robel! 
He was thrilled to meet her!

Next we have another mother/daughter team, Cris and Emmy. They are joining us on their first OH mission trip! They are the mom and sister of Bink, below, who has been with us for Team 3 and is now joining his mom and sis on Team 4. 

Christian and Bink were helping the team get their stuff loaded in the vans when they arrived. 
Bink and Christian are carrying over from Team 3. They are huge helps. 

Ladonna, arriving at the airport!

We have my hubby's cousin, Ashley and her two teen boys joining us from CA. 
This is their first OH trip and we are so excited to have them join us to get all the cousins together serving in Ethiopia! 

Next we have McKayla from Ky. This is her first OH mission trip and we are so excited to see what God has in store for her. 

We also have Ryan, our videographer from TN, carrying over from Team 3. He will be with us the first few days of Team 4 to capture them in action on video!

Lastly, my hubby, Shane, and I make # 27 and 28. 
We are co-leading this team together. 

All the team arrived today in Ethiopia! 
This team, which is my young Highschool/College team, already has such a great dynamic! 
It is full of young teens and college students, a few moms, and 20 somethings! 
This is going to be an awesome next week or so serving together and seeing what all God has in store! 

Bags are loaded and ready to head to the guest house. 
Day 1 has started and next post will be our visit with some really awesome kiddos today!

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